OWS Foods

OWS Foods is a premier manufacturer of custom blended, packaged, dry and wet food products and seasonings. Their mission is to provide customized taste solutions for their customers in the form of sauces, rubs, dressings, blended seasonings, baking mixes, and more. To help their customers accomplish their goals, they provide a wide array of services, including food product research and development, custom spice blending, packaging and consultation and more. 

While OWS Foods provides a highly valuable service and product for its customers, they were not receiving as many leads from online channels as they wanted to, so they turned to us for help. 


We partnered with OWS Foods’ internal marketing department to help them achieve their goals with paid search marketing. In particular, they needed help developing and implementing Google Ad campaigns that showed marketed results and led to the acquisition of new customers.

In order to build a successful paid search marketing campaign for OWS Foods we first performed in depth keyword research that gave us an insight into the way their potential customers search for products and services related to OWS Foods’s offerings. Next, we developed four topic specific campaigns that were structured around that keyword research.  We then utilized this keyword research to inform the development of copy for both the Google Ads we created and the landing pages that those ads linked to.

For a Google campaign to be successful, we know that the ads must be very closely aligned with the content of the landing page they are linked to. Additionally, as much as possible it is important to focus the ad and landing page on as specific a topic as possible. For example, one of the Google Ads we developed for OWS Foods was very specifically developed around the topic of food research and development and the landing page was focused on the same topic, incorporating similar language and keywords.

Why does this work? Because Google’s main goal is to first and foremost provide searches with an unparalleled user experience by immediately serving up the right content. By providing a seamless transition from the ads to the landing page we ensure that the user knows up front what information they can expect to find on the landing page they’re being directed to. This ultimately serves to provide a great user experience which is something that Google favors and rewards highly. And by following our tried and true strategy we achieved results that helped OWS Foods draw in a tremendous amount of leads.

Within just a few weeks of running these topic specific campaigns, OWS Foods received a huge influx of form submissions. So much so, that a new content management system had to be put in place to handle the upswing in service requests. OWS Foods’ marketing director informed us that these new campaigns had tremendously changed their business.

So what does this mean for you and your business? It means that you too can find success with Google ads. The key, in our experience, to implementing a successful paid search marketing campaign boils down to three key factors – industry specific keyword research, topical google ads development, and a close alignment between landing pages with clear CTAs and forms and the google ads that link to them. 

Need help implementing a successful paid search campaign? Connect with us. We’re happy to talk.